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Image by Francesco Gallarotti


The Watershed Protection Committee of Racine County is looking for your help to further their mission of improving water quality and soil health through conservation practices on farmland in Racine County. 


ALCIVIA // Chuck Mealy Farms // Compeer Financial // Dairyland Seed // Eagle Lake Improvement Association // Lasch Livestock & Land Solutions // No-Till Farmer // Pioneer Seeds // Rank Seeds // Rock River Laboratory, Inc. // Stine Seeds // Stute Farms // Weis Farm // Waterford Waterway Management District // Wilson Farm Meats

Make a difference in the water and soil health of Racine County by becoming a Partner in Sustainability!


Clean Water Begins with You!

Support WPCR's mission to promote healthy soil and clean water in Racine County by becoming a Partner in Sustainability! 


Some individuals, companies and organizations go above and beyond to make a difference in Racine County. If you are interested in providing $10,000 or more to the mission of the Watershed Protection Committee of Racine County, please contact us. 

We would be happy to work out a partnership package with you!

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