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A watershed is all of the land that drains water into a particular point, usually a stream, lake or river (Iowa DNR). Water quality is directly affected by actions of those living in certain watersheds. Current research demonstrates how agricultural practices have negatively impacted the watershed - the greatest impact being sedimentation.

The Watershed Protection Committee of Racine County aims to further research about agricultural practices while also encouraging farmers and rural land owners to take action to improve land and water quality. 

2022 Winter Workshop Speaker: Gabe Brown

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Part 3 of 3

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WPCR has FREE samples of cover crop seeds available for anyone interested!

Contents include oats, barley, peas, sunflowers, buckwheat, lentils, flax seed, and radish.

Interested in picking some up, contact Chad at

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WPCR Goal: 

Establish growing conservation knowledge to improve land and water quality

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  • Eagle Lake Improvement Association

  • Waterford Waterway Management District