Why We Do It

Water Quality

The Watershed Protection Committee of Racine County's ultimate goal is to improve the water quality in Racine County's watersheds through producer-led conservation practices. 

Farmers and ranchers can reduce potential water pollutants by decreasing:


Soil becoming sediment...

Agronomic practices of cover crops, no-till and residue management mitigate soil becoming sediment in watersheds.


Water filled with sediment pollution merges with clean water. The sediment pollution was caused by tillage of land; whereas the clean water comes from a field with cover crop and no-till practices. 

Agronomic practices can reduce the amount of nutrient run-off from fields. Understanding what and how many nutrients are available to crops and how the nutrients are incorporated in to the field can better reduce excess nutrients. 

Nutrients for transport...


Surface runoff...

Agronomic practice of buffer strips along waterways and cover crops can mitigate water runoff from fields.




This water run-off simulation shows how crops can decrease the amount of water run-off. Lots of water colled in the first, fourth and fifth plots' jars because there are no crops covering the soil and absorbing the water. Whereas, the second and third plots' jars are nearly empty because the crops helped the water infiltrate the soil.

List adapted from USDA NRCS