Why We Do It

The Watershed Protection Committee of Racine County's ultimate goal is to improve the water quality in Racine County's watersheds through producer-led conservation practices. 

The following resources have been instrumental in understanding watersheds and farmer's influence on them.

PDF Resources

Planting Green Videos

Online Articles


Cover Crops in Wisconsin

Division of Extension

Explore the possibilities cover crops offer through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension's Cover Crops in Wisconsin website. 

Harvesting the Potential

Harvesting the Potential focuses on conservation practices. With a library of resources, they have a wealth of resources for farmers, ranchers and rural landowners.

No-Till Farmer

Make the switch to no-till farming with the help of No-Till Farmer! With hundreds of resources, No-Till Farmer provides invaluable knowledge of transitioning your operation. 

Ryegrass Cover Crop

Are you thinking about using ryegrass as a cover crop? This is a great site to visit and learn more about utilizing this crop!

Soil Health Consultants, LLC

View various resources, including a blog, news, photo grallery and videos, all provided by the Soil Health Consultants, LLC on their website. 

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) shares great resources for cover crops, crop production, soil management and more! 

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Unlock the potential of your soil through a better understanding of soil health presented by the United States Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service.