What We Do

Research Programs

Research programs help farmers better understand how grassed buffers and cover crops influence water quality in Racine County through research of soil health, water health and nutrient management.


Test Plots

WPCR is currently using cover crop test plots to understand the best cover crops for local farmers to utilize. On-farm test plots help to improve the reliability of crop management decisions.

Despite farmers understanding cover crops and buffers being beneficial for farmers, additional testing helps them better understand what those benefits are and how they can use them to better their operations. ​


Water Tests

WPCR is testing water infiltration on cropland utilizing cover crops. Initial testing proves water infiltration is higher on acres using cover crops than acres not utilizing such practices.

WPCR also has water testing kits to determine the amount of nutrients in water run-off. Run-off is tested 5 times a year - 2 times when the weather is dry and 3 times when it is wet. 


Soil Tests

WPCR utilizes soil tests to better understand how cover crops and no-till practices are influencing the soil quality. 

Tests performed showcased how many microorganisms have begun living in the soil and how the soil temperature has been influenced. 

Interested in learning more about WPCR's research goals and results?