What We Do

Education Programs

Education programs are designed to help farmers better understand how grassed buffers and cover crops influence water quality in Racine County through research of soil health, water health and nutrient management.

Winter Workshops

WPCR hosts a Winter Workshop in February for farmers to learn more about conservation practices and encourage them to implement them on their operations. 

WPCR_Summer Field Day_Sept 10 2020-35.jp

Summer Field Days

Local farmers are invited to a farm participating in conservation efforts one day in the summer. While there, speakers showcase successful no-till and cover crop practices through demonstrations and tours.



WPCR hosts formal and informal meetings. At the meetings, producers discuss current conservation practices utilized on their farms. They also discuss new techniques they might use on their operation.

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WPCR stays helps connect producers with additional cover crops and no-till local, state and national conferences. Conferences include: Annual Producer Led Workshop, Wisconsin Cover Crop Conference and Fox River Summit.


Farmer Mentors

Leaders currently in WPCR assist one or two farmer’s in the area who are beginning to implement conservation practices on their operation. 

Implementing new practices on a farm can be overwhelming, therefore mentors help these new farmers to utilize what they currently know about no-till, cover crops, and other practices. 

Interested in learning more about sustainability programs through buffers and cover crops?